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Status updated 12 hours ago
CyrenIron Throne is now merged with Ascension
Cyren   [link]
CyrenHappy Thanksgivin u Canadian buggers ;)
Cyrengot rid of the mumble, no one used it anyway
CyrenWe welcome all of the Iron Throne Imp toons to our guild, full bank privies granted ;)
Cyren   added 30 Advanced days to The Farce Wielders
The Farce Wielders has reached a new hit record of 19 unique hits today!
Liked this
CyrenSeveral recruits have not registered, we don't know what your craft is. Please reg. and add character to site, thank-you
Cyrents3 server is down for reasons unknown, ticket submitted.
Cyren   looks like ts3 is back up.
Cyrenremove recruit ad for sbaer of exar kunn server
Caluu   added 30 Advanced days to The Farce Wielders
Cyren   Thank-you very much!!!
Caluu   np, when she gets low again, ill be sure to add some more!
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